Dog Deworming

Deworming starts at the age of two weeks because some parasites are transferred from the mothers, such as roundworms.

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Why Is It Important To Deworm My Dog?

Deworming starts at the age of two weeks because some parasites are transferred from the mothers, such as roundworms. From two weeks on to eight weeks, about every two weeks, we deworm with a certain medication. Pyrantel or Panacur is the most common.

What Are Some Signs And Symptoms Of Intestinal Parasites In My Dog?

Your two most common signs are vomiting and diarrhea. They can also get a swollen tummy, unkempt coats, hair loss, and severe infections like hookworms. Anemia plays a big role, as well as dehydration. It could be potentially fatal.

What Are Some Of The Parasites That Are Found In Dogs That You’re Looking For When Testing?

The most common are the roundworms. Pyrantel and Milbemycin are the two common treatments for it, and it can be found in your flea and tick medications most of the time. There is also fenbendazole, which is Panacur. Panacur, Pyrantel, and Milbemycin can also be used to treat hookworms. Along with that, we have tapeworms. The ingestion of fleas spreads tapeworms, so we treat them with praziquantel, which can be an injection or a pill. We also have coccidia, which has to be treated by a certain medication called Albon or sulfadimethoxine that usually comes in a liquid or pill form. Most common, but not found when it comes to just parasites is a protozoal infection called Giardia. Giardia can be treated with metronidazole, ronidazole, or fenbendazole.

Would I Be Able To See Worms In My Dog’s Stool?

It depends on the type. Tapeworms, which come from fleas, look like little rice fragments when they are shed in the stool. Roundworms, the most common type of worm, look like spaghetti noodles, which can be short or really long.

How Will A Veterinarian Diagnose Intestinal Parasites In My Dog?

We’ll run tests either in-house or we’ll send them out. We will do a fecal flotation that checks for hookworms, tapeworms, coccidia, roundworms, and giardia.

What Is The Difference Between Natural Remedies Or Over-The-Counter Dewormers Compared To Prescription Medications?

Over-the-counter or natural remedies are not FDA-approved. When the FDA approves something, it’s because they’re looking out for your pet’s best interest. I’ve heard people saying garlic works for fleas. Garlic is very detrimental to dogs, so it’s a bad idea.

Why Is Early Detection And Diagnosis Of Intestinal Parasites In Dogs So Important?

For the owner, it does save you money and time, but for the pets, it can help prevent further complications as well as losing a pet that you’re just now getting.

How Do I Choose The Right Dewormer For My Dog?

First, we have to diagnose what type of worm or protozoal infection they have. Then we would go forward based on the weight and size of your dog and recommend the appropriate medication accordingly.

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