Meet Our Veterinary Team

Meet the Veterinarians & Team of Leo’s Pet Care in Carmel, IN.”. We’re pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets.

Our Veterinarians

Dr. Greg Magnusson Image

Dr. Greg Magnusson

Greg Magnusson is the chief veterinarian and founder of Leo’s Pet Care, which is named after his son Leo. Dr. Magnusson is a native of Vancouver, Canada and earned his DVM degree on the wide open prairie of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Voted Indy A-List and Indy Star “Best Veterinarian in Indianapolis”, and the highest-rated veterinarian in the state on all three of Angie’s List, Yelp! and Google reviews, Dr. Magnusson’s approach to veterinary medicine is refreshingly direct, authentic, and honest.

You can count on Dr. M to give you a completely down-to-Earth opinion of your pet’s current health status, a clear explanation of every option available to you, and easy-to-understand advice to help you make all the best choices for your furry family members.

Dr. Greg Magnusson Image

Dr. Astrid Kramer

Dr. Astrid Kramer was born and raised in Lima, Peru. She moved to California in 2009, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Zoology and graduated from Veterinary School. She recently moved to Indiana and is proud to become a Hoosier.

She lives at her home with her husband, two sons, two kitties, and a dog. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, hiking, scrapbooking, and loves to travel.

Dr. Kramer enjoys preventive medicine, internal medicine, toxicology, ophthalmology, and has a special heart for kitties. She has an Ophthalmology, a Dentistry, and an Anesthesia Certificate.

Our Skilled Support Team

Brittany House


Brittany has been the practice manager at Leo’s Pet Care since 2022.  Successfully completed the Veterinary Practice Management program through Penn Foster and has committed to continuing her education in working towards obtaining a CVPM license in the upcoming years. Before taking on the role of clinic management, Brittany had been assisting in animal care for over 10 years.

She has a fondness for the small dogs, in particular brachycephalic breeds. Currently her fur friends include Babette (pug/chihuahua mix), Mochi (persian) and Clancy (pug). She admits that it’s hard to resist their quirky and squishy charm (and all the health quirks that come with them). When she isn’t making sure the clinic is running smoothly and keeping us all on task, you will find her painting, watching anime, reading, studying history, working in her garden and checking hiking trails off her bucket list.

Jen Dorfmeyer Image
Jen Dorfmeyer
Veterinary Assistant / Team Lead Surgery

Jen Dorfmeyer, veterinary assistant extraordinaire, founding member of the Leo’s family, and lead staff trainer in our surgery department. Jen has been with our practice since day one. she is a compassionate, generous soul, a side-of-the-road animal rescuer, and a consummate professional. When you meet her, you will understand immediately why you can trust her absolutely with your beloved pets.

Ric Adams Image
Ric Adams

Veterinary Assistant

Ric is a 20+ year veteran of the Indianapolis veterinary community, and a caring and capable individual whose responsibilities include assisting with radiology, dentistry, surgery, and anesthesia, as well as client education and communication. Ric lives in Broad Ripple and owns St. Bernards. He has a major soft spot for the BIG DOGS!

Emilee Kellar Image
Emilee Kellar

(Registered Veterinary Technician / Team Lead Patient Care)

Emilee Kellar recently graduated from the International Business College and Vet Tech Institute in 2021. She has been in the field for 3+ years and is eager to continue to grow. She currently lives with her significant other and their dog, Arlo Mae.

Abigail Romens Image
Sarah McGinley
Veterinary Assistant

Sarah is from Cambridge City, about an hour east of Indy, but has been in Indianapolis for most of the last 20 years. She has worked in Veterinary Medicine since 2010. She has three boys who keep her busy, as well as a freshman. In her free time, she likes to read, play volleyball, and exercise.

Abigail Romens Image
Cindy Webster
Customer Service Representative

Cindy joined the team in May of 2023. She has been working in the veterinary field for over 30 years! Cindy holds an Associate Degree in Veterinary Technology from Purdue University.  She is passionate about helping animals in desperate times and has also worked with the Humane Society as a Vet Tech/Shelter Manager for several years. 

Volunteering at Herds of Hope Equine-Assisted Therapies as a horse worker is a new passion of hers.  Her other hobbies include cooking, fishing, and spending time with her two sons and family. She has 2 fluffy feline friends, Toby and Archie, and hopes to add a new golden Retriever puppy to her pack soon. 
Abigail Romens Image
Jennifer Garcia

Customer Service Representative

Hello, I’m Jenni. I’m honored to be the first in my Salvadoran family to graduate from high school. Currently, I’m embarking on a journey into the veterinary field with aspirations of becoming a vet tech. Starting out as a Customer Service Representative, I’m eager to gain a comprehensive understanding of clinic operations. My next step involves enrolling in the International Business College vet tech program to fulfill my career dreams

My passion lies in advocating for animals, and I take great pride in caring for my two cats and two birds, who hold a special place in my heart. Outside of my dedication to veterinary medicine, I enjoy spending quality time with family, playing soccer and video games!

Our Skilled Pre-Vet Students

Leo’s Pet Care is a safe, supportive, nurturing environment for young pre-veterinary hopefuls who need experience in an animal clinic prior to applying to veterinary school. We accept volunteer applications from students enrolled in any US college pre-veterinary program and may allow those volunteers to earn valuable experience on an as-needed basis.

Please send your resume to the clinic email if you are interested in applying to volunteer at Leo’s, and, in the meantime, please read about the experiences of our previous students here!

Hope Christy Image
Hope Christy

DVM Class Of 2025, University Of Missouri College Of Veterinary Medicine

Hope Christy introduced herself to the Leo’s Pet Care family during the summer of 2020 and spent the summer volunteering at our Main & Guilford location. Here is what she had to say about her first of what will hopefully be many summers at Leo’s!

Satyajit Kulkarni Image
Satyajit Kulkarni

DVM Class Of 2026, Michigan State University College Of Veterinary Medicine

He is an international student at IUPUI double majoring in Biology and Chemistry with a minor in Mathematics. He grew up in Dubai, UAE, where He spent 18 years of his life, but He is originally from Pune, India. He has been determined to become a veterinarian since He was 10 years old, something which surprised my parents because they expected me to change my mind as He did with many other things in my life. My hobbies include reading, cooking, and playing basketball competitively. He will be completing his degree at IUPUI this December and He is currently applying to veterinary schools in the US and UK. He has an extensive background in veterinary research, and He has a first-authored publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Cassidy Eckstein Image
Cassidy Eckstein

Bio/Chem Freshman, Valparaiso University

Cassidy Eckstein is a future veterinarian who currently studies both Biology and Chemistry at Valparaiso University, while also on the university soccer team.

Like many of our student trainees, Cassidy came to us with no veterinary clinic experience, on referral from one of our previous students, Maddie Bryan

Cassidy got the unique benefit of learning under not just me and Angel, Jade and Brit, but also Abby Hart who is a second year veterinary student, Hope Christy who is a college senior recently accepted into veterinary school, and Eshan Selvan who has been training with us on and off for over seven years.

On her first day volunteering with us in December 2020, this is what she wrote: “I’ve wanted to be a veterinarian since I was a little girl but I don’t have any experience, so I’m super grateful to get to learn from Dr. Magnusson and his team. I’m positive this will be a great learning environment for me to see if being a Veterinarian is what I really want to pursue.”

Eshan Selvan
Eshan Selvan
Biology Freshman, Purdue University

Eshan Selvan has spent many summers and holidays at Leo’s Pet Care, from 2014 – 2021. Here is what he had to say about his first experience when he was only 12 years old

This summer before I started my externship at Leos Pet Care I did not know what to expect. I have always been an animal lover and my career goal is to become a veterinarian. I did not have any experience in the field and have only caught glimpses of a veterinarian’s life through T.V. channels on animal planet. Coming in at a young age I figured my day would consist of watching procedures and playing with animals. I even had some ideas on things I wanted to see, like neuters and x-rays. Through the help and assistance of Jen, Stephanie, Hannah, and Dr. Magnusson, I realized that a vet’s life is harder than it looks.

Right after my interview, I was put to work. Dr. Magnusson and his whole team opened their clinic to me and shared their passion for veterinary sciences. They took me through everything step by step and taught me what they did and more importantly why they did it. When they felt I was ready they let me perform certain tasks, including, preparing vaccines, running heartworm, urine, and blood tests. They allowed me to restrain patients, trim nails, fill out lab work and send out fecal tests. The team also taught me how to use the Avimark system for checking patients in, weighing them, entering patient medical history, and starting new patient accounts. I learned more than I could possibly learn from television shows and books I also learned from a veterinary clinic. On top of that Dr. Magnusson helped get me to get shadowing opportunities at other veterinary clinics to see what they do differently including Avian Exotic Animal Hospital, knowing that I had a passion for avian veterinary care. Every day I enjoyed working with the team, learning new things, and overall having a great time. The team members also made me feel like they wanted me there and enjoyed sharing their passion with me, and I now know what a veterinarian’s life truly is like.

I highly recommend for anyone who is trying to get a veterinary job, internships, or college credit to visit Leos Pet Care. For clients who are looking for a passionate, caring clinic come visit Leos Pet Care, you won’t be disappointed, just like me.

Dr. Magnusson responds:

I took my first volunteer position at a veterinary clinic when I was 15 years old, and I was a terrible volunteer. I didn’t follow directions, I didn’t do what I was told, and I was more interested in hanging off the veterinarian’s every word than picking up a mop.

Eshan isn’t nearly as foolish as I was. He already understands exactly what it takes to succeed, whether it’s as a volunteer in a veterinary clinic, as a student with dreams of becoming a veterinarian, or likely in any other area of life.

Eshan took on every task we gave him with vigor and a positive attitude. Always ready with a smile, we could count on him to keep our exam rooms neat and tidy, clean up after our patients, pull up vaccines, or do anything else we asked of him. The more Eshan succeeded at small tasks, the greater tasks we gave him, and he met and exceeded our expectations every time.

We get phone calls almost every week or two from students with dreams of joining the veterinary profession, and almost without exception, after meeting these kids in person we decide they’re not yet ready for the challenges of a busy clinic. From the first day I met him, Eshan never failed to impress me with his maturity, his work ethic, his sense of humor, and most importantly, his humility.

These days, humility is a precious resource. We could all learn to be a bit more humble like Eshan.

I also met Eshan’s father, and it was instantly clear where Eshan got his confidence and the clear head on his shoulders. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a father more proud of his son, as well as he should be.

It was my great pleasure to meet Eshan Selvan, and I will gladly watch over his career with interest. If he keeps up these wonderful habits he’s developed, he’ll accomplish any goal he sets for himself.

2017 UPDATE!! Eshan’s Third Summer At Leo’s!

I’ve been with Leos Pet Care, for three summers now, and can safely say there’s no place I’d rather be.

Having grown up very passionate about animals and having an interest in science, I’ve always thought that being a veterinarian would be the perfect job for me. So when I moved to Indiana in 2014, I decided to act upon it and spend the summer working with animals. After calling countless veterinary hospitals, and animal shelters, and asking about possible volunteer positions, I was denied and not given even a second thought after they heard my age. After calling many, many more clinics and getting politely rejected I was shocked when a small clinic called Leos Pet Care told me I might have the opportunity for a volunteer position. I was on cloud nine when I was told that the doctor would see me in for an interview. At that time I was completely oblivious of how much of an impact Leos Pet Care and each of its individual employees would make on my life.

The way Dr. Magnusson opens up his clinic and spends his free time teaching, mentoring, and providing himself as a role model, for his staff is truly remarkable. Thus, going even further to offer me (a High School Student), a paying job. To put your trust, and the reputation of your professional business in the hands of a 15-year-old is something only someone who truly cares about you and your future would do.

After spending the past 2 summers as a volunteer I didn’t know what to expect starting up as an employee. In the beginning, I worked slowly and hesitantly, nervous of making mistakes, but I soon realized Dr. Magnusson’s approach to mistakes. He welcomes them (to an obvious extent) and when mistakes were made, instead of getting angry and yelling, he would teach. He taught me how to efficiently correct mistakes in the most professional and courteous manner, and how to eliminate the possibility of the mistake altogether. Once I realized this I was able to learn to my fullest extent, learning and participating hands-on more than ever before.

With the help of Dr. Magnusson, Dr. Gilliam, Jen, Angel, Tamara, Kristen, Abby, Maddie, and Jade, I was able to learn all of the different aspects of working in a veterinary clinic. When I needed help every last one of them was willing to help me and when I made mistakes they were all there to teach me how to correct them in the present and future. Thanks to them I vastly expanded my knowledge of veterinary medicine. I learned how to take care of a client from check-in to check-out, covering all points of a patient’s stay with us. I was even able to learn in high-stress environments, including surgeries where Dr. Magnusson and Dr. Gilliam never failed to explain what they were doing and why. Thanks to the rest of the staff, I also learned many valuable lessons during the summer, like the importance of building client relationships. Or the ability to present myself in consideration of the “energy” of the exam room. But most importantly, I learned the true value of teamwork. From the start, I was taught the importance of communicating with the rest of my co-workers and to always ask questions to ensure that everything I do is done correctly. Dr. Magnusson stresses the importance of working well with the team and sharing respect for one another, to create not only a team feel but a family feel. Thanks to this I can truly say I work better with a team and am able to anticipate the feelings and reactions of team members so I can always act accordingly.

To sum up, this summer was amazing and I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given. I have learned a lot regarding working with animals as well as working with people. I have made many mistakes, but thanks to my Leo’s Family I’ve learned not only to correct them but to “be smarter than my mistakes,” and not let them happen in the future. I’ve learned the value of teamwork and respect and how to act as a professional rather than a student, and I owe that all to Leos Pet Care.

Winter 2020-2021 UPDATE

Now, you’d think after 7 years of anal gland expressions, fractious cats, and heartworm tests, I’d have learned all I could from Leos Pet Care – and of course, you’d be wrong.

One of the biggest things I’ve learned as a part of this team is that you’re NEVER done learning. Whether you’re learning more about yourself and your interests, a procedure or treatment, or even just a new way to do something, once you enter the front doors, you’re in-store for personal growth, development, and the occasional headache.

Having worked at Leos for as long as I have, I’ve naturally fallen into a pattern of doing things. Clocking in, checking the schedule, and simultaneously preparing the clinic and myself for an inevitably long day at work. However, this year was one unlike no other. In the midst of a global pandemic, my transition to college, everything I thought I knew about Leo’s went out the window. From the adjustment to fully curbside care and new safety procedures ensuring the safety of clients, patients, and team members – this year certainly marked a new learning curve.

However, as you do at Leo’s, we rolled with the punches and adapted, committed to our continuing mission of providing our clients and their pets with the best quality of care we possibly could. Welcoming many new faces including Hope and Cassidy, and the return of some old-timers like Abby, I was able to continue learning anything and everything I possibly could about veterinary medicine. And while Dr. Magnusson, Angel, and Jade continued to teach me all they could about every mass, cyst, and lump that made its way to the treatment table, it’s what they didn’t explicitly teach me that became my biggest takeaway.

One of the most eye-opening experiences for me this year was working alongside my fellow student-employees, and learning from watching them learn. Witnessing Dr. Magnusson run Cassidy through her first health exam and being able to chime in with something I’d remembered him teaching me, or hearing Hope ask a question about a procedure that I’d never even considered, was a learning opportunity in itself that I’d never taken advantage of. The cohesive and hands-on dynamic at Leo’s renders itself to an amazing collaborative environment that serves as a unique learning experience for students willing to learn from it. Thanks to the professional culture the Leo’s team has created, students are able to learn the ropes of veterinary medicine, while simultaneously learning life skills like collaboration and teamwork – an equally important facet to a successful veterinary career.

Due to the special circumstances of this year and my Leo’s family, I was able to learn so much more than I could have anticipated, and as I continue my first year in college and pursue the career I’ve been training for since I was 12, I only have the Leo’s team to thank.

Thank you to Jade, for simultaneously serving as my biggest supporter, bully, and best friend and always making sure I’m performing to my fullest capability. To Angel, for being my “work-mom” and not only correcting my MANY mistakes, but teaching me how to learn from them, and never repeat them.

And a very special thank you to Dr. Magnusson, for continually opening his doors, and business to me. Taking me under his wing as a 12-year-old, and kept me around ever since, always taking me on as a student (and headache).

The first thing Dr. Magnusson ever said to me was, “by the end of your time here, I’ll convince you that you don’t want to be a veterinarian.” And while he hasn’t been able to deter me just yet, I know that no matter what path I take and what I choose to pursue, he and the Leo’s Pet Care team will be there to support me and continue teaching me on whatever journey I’m on.

Danielle Lang, DVM Image
Danielle Lang, DVM

DVM Class Of 2019, The Ohio State University College Of Veterinary Medicine – Future ACZM Zoo Vet

Danielle Lang spent three months during the summer of 2012 working, learning, studying, and practicing alongside the veterinarians and staff of Leo’s Pet Care.

Janice Tan Image
Janice Tan

DVM Class Of 2025, University Of Wisconsin-Madison School Of Veterinary Medicine

Janice Tan spent TWO summers with us, in 2019 and 2020, and had this to say about her first ever Leo’s experience:

Abby Hart Image
Abby Hart
DVM Class Of 2023, Iowa State University College Of Veterinary Medicine

Abigail (Abby) Hart Has Volunteered For And Worked At Leo’s Pet Care Since 2015.

Maddie Bryan, DVM Image
Maddie Bryan, DVM

DVM Class Of 2023, Iowa State University College Of Veterinary Medicine

What used to be a daunting and consuming requirement needed to apply to veterinary school became exciting and attainable at Leo’s Pet Care. In fact, volunteering at Leo’s Pet Care has been the best part of my summer and she could not be more grateful for the amount of time and effort that Dr. Magnusson, Jen, Brooke, Kristen, Abby, Rob, Angel, Eshan, and Sara have invested in my learning process. My previous animal and veterinary experiences were informative, yet distant, but boy was it different at LPC.

Kristen Thomas, DVM Image
Kristen Thomas, DVM

DVM Class Of 2020, Purdue University College Of Veterinary Medicine

Once upon a time, a young woman named Kristen Thomas wanted to be a veterinarian. When she asked potential colleges what kind of experience would help her get into veterinary school, they told her to find a veterinarian willing to mentor her for the summer. Kristen began volunteering at Leo’s Pet Care beginning in April 2015, and we enjoyed her hard work so much that we hired her onto our staff only two months later – an accomplishment unmatched by any of our previous volunteers. Kristen was accepted into six different veterinary schools, and chose to attend Purdue University beginning in the fall of 2016.

Brooke Fourthman, DVM Image
Brooke Fourthman, DVM

DVM Class Of 2019, Purdue University College Of Veterinary Medicine – Future ACVS Veterinary Surgeon

Brooke Fourthman spent four straight summers volunteering at Leo’s Pet Care on her journey to becoming a veterinary surgeon: in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Morgan Image

Morgan is a student at Bellarmine University and is majoring in Bio (pre-vet course), with a minor in molecular bio, biochem, and environmental science.

Morgan is also on the student board of directors for every club she is a part of. She has two french bulldogs (Bella and Milo) and loves collecting vinyl and going to concerts.

Morgan Image

Bio coming soon!

Kristen Thomas, DVM Image

Bio coming soon!