Dog Wellness Exams

Dogs will need that one visit for an annual checkup, as long as you don’t have any other illnesses or concerns and want to bring them in to see us.

Dog Wellness Exams – FAQs

What Do I Need To Bring To A Wellness Exam?

If you’re a new client to us, we ask that you bring any previous records that you may have, and we would like a fecal sample.

Are Wellness Exams For Dogs Optional?

They’re not optional. We want to ensure your dog’s health is up to date and everything looks good.

How Long Do Wellness Exams Usually Take?

A typical wellness exam takes 20 minutes, but if we have any concerns, like an ear infection, it may take up to 40 minutes.

How Do Dog Wellness Exams Influence Subsequent Treatments For My Pet?

Overall, they’re getting a good look over. So when that happens, we are looking to see if there are any signs or markers of a more serious thing happening, and if we do see any markers, we can go ahead and treat that as needed.

What Are The Baseline Diagnostic Tests, And How Do They Help My Dog?

There are three. We want to do a full blood panel, which is just testing to see if we have any markers of any kind of disease or anything like that. We have our fecals, which mostly test for worms or Giardia, as well as a heartworm test, which will test to see if your dog has heartworms or Lyme disease.

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